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David rosen is very skilled in working with the records and helping others to regain their power and heal through accessing the akashic records together. The akashic records is able to accomplish this because it is also the cornerstone of a person’s consciousness – not just waking consciousness but all the other levels of consciousness. Once given the record, cayce had the. Remember we all have the right to grow and expand, shift and love, connect to our divine source and remember who we are and why we are here and what our purpose is… the records can be and are a key tool for this. Your driver’s license should suffice if you don’t have tax records). Its cleansing properties also help the reading stay untainted by spiritual gunk. Here are a few testimonials from her former clients, just to show the powerfulness of utilizing the wisdom of the akashic records. Akashic records can be envisioned as a metaphorical book that contains the entire history of one’s soul and additionally, it includes all the detailing of your existence and your potentials. The ancient vedic science of reading akashic records is about “seeing” the cosmic archives – the absolute and authoritative source of all that’s known and unknown in the universe. Opening your own records presents you with valuable insights that will enable you to comprehend the motives and actions of those close to you. Your akashic record is the record of your soul’s journey through the universe and can only be opened with your permission. Once we are talking together and are ready, then we will set the tone for the session with a request, a kind of little prayer, followed by a few moments of silence while we do the things that we do in order to access the other person’s records. Todays akashic readings: if you know there is more to life, but don’t know where to find it… if you are seeking your soul’s purpose… if you often wonder why you are here on earth at this particular time… you may benefit from an akashic reading. A timeless moment later it is breathed out, now fully updated, and the akashic pulse. There are too many autobiographical anecdotes peppered throughout the text, but i plan to investigate the records through other resources, and am glad that this book came to me as a gift from a good friend. Akashic records level 1 training helps you raise your self-awareness to a better understanding of you, your optimal choices and the world around you:. Luckily, there is a powerful new tool that gives you the akashic records and its precise symbols and messages (including all of those mentioned above and many more). Akashic readings at the roseheart center. I will be contacting you to schedule a call after the reading is completed. So to assist you i’ve written out these 4 secrets to accessing your akashic records below, and have created a guided meditation to access your akashic records. The site the mystica also states other ways it is possible to access the akashic records:. Series of ten private akashic sessions to be completed within 12 months of start date. Akashic records (akasha is a sanskrit word meaning "sky", "space" or "aether") is a term used in theosophy (and anthroposophy) to describe a compendium of mystical knowledge encoded in a non-physical plane of existence. This is a live and interactive, experiential, and transformational course designed to teach you how to access your inner wisdom by instantly and confidently accessing your own soul's records for information, healing and divine guidance. A potential client recently asked me about the different between an akashic records reading, versus a psychic reading. It is one of the most powerful things you can do in your akashic records.  the akashic records hold your individual past lives, life purpose, soul purpose, potential future and more. These are not static records, this is an interactive element that is involved in the creation of experience.   the records have  also been referred to by different names including the cosmic mind, the universal mind, the collective unconscious, or the collective subconscious. To go into the akashic record, the process is similar to the way intuitives tune into someone’s spirit guides or higher self. Akashic diagnostic & clearing of location. You might know that i offer akashic readings, but what exactly. One of the very first types of readings given to me by my guides in the akashic records is the legacy reading. I have a lovely donor that is willing to support 3 free one-page past life readings. The akashic record is a treasury of your personal knowledge of the past, present, and future. After the 24 month period, you are still able to access and read the forums (and share with other students) but you won’t be able to post questions. So, what sort of questions will i be asking while in your akashic record. It's no wonder the akashic records have been likened to a "cosmic internet" that allows us to "google" specific information when we open a person's records. What are the benefits of having an akashic consultation. Being inside the records was fascinating, peaceful, compassionate and full of grace.   "the akashic records contain everything that every soul has ever thought, said, and done over the course of its existence as well as all its future possibilities. ☯ full synopsis : "the akashic records, or "the book of life," can be equated to the universe's super-computer system. Welcome to healing radiance, the page for soul-level healing in the akashic records. For more on akashic records: www. You can, then, ask the questions that you have prepared (see preparing for an akashic records reading). In your akashic records, francesca thoman discovers past lives, soul lineages, and your planet or plane of origin. “akashic”, because it is composed of akasha (the energetic substance from which all life is formed), and “record”, because its objective is to record all life experience. The best types of questions to ask in your akashic records reading are questions that start with. Both the information and healing will flow on the energy (light) of the spoken word during your reading. In an earlier post, "share the reading with my wife. Ancient times, all people could go into the akashic records and do their own. Reports have been consistent, however, that the information is written  and can be read. Practice reading your own records and using your records for self healing. The akashic records contain the recording of our soul’s journey from its very inception. Do not attempt to open the akashic records within 24 hours of consuming alcohol or recreational drugs. In order for a sentient being to ‘read’ the. The reading” for the mere purpose of removing all labels, since in the end, they are completely unnecessary. Your records are not to keep score or judge you. The network structure of the tree operates as a kind of akashic record, (a term sometimes used to describe an astral library, accessible through altered states of consciousness such as meditation, dreams, and channelling). A pre-session cheat-sheet to give you inspiration for what questions you might want to ask, so you get the most your of your reading. If you are a seeker choosing to understand the world around you and to make rapid progress in your evolution, you are meant to learn to open your akashic records. In this remarkable book, linda howe reveals how to effectively make the shift from ordinary to extraordinary living—a life suffused with purpose, aliveness, and light—through the akashic records. Your akashic record or soul book is like a living data base which contains not only current information about the life you are leading, details about the lives you have lived in the past, and what you intend for the future, but every alternative timeline, path not taken and every. “the akashic records are the individual records of a soul from the instant it leaves its point of origin until the end of time. The akashic records were made famous by the late edgar cayce, however, they have been referred to in every spiritual book as well as accessed and used and used by spiritual leaders, healers, metaphysical teachers and even royalty and political leaders since the dawn of all existence and creation. Consciously having access to higher, divine knowledge in the light of the akashic records has been the most profound gift of healing jenelle has experienced. An akashic reader has developed the ability to easily access the akashic records, either directly or some have spirit guides that access the records for them. Well you cashed my check on april 24 i have not received my reading yet a month /0… more ». Some readings last an hour and a half or even more. The consultation, or reading, is a one-on-one conversation between a reader and the person whose records are being read. Order your personal akashic record: us $1,000. Through them we can derive understanding and direction but never future predictions as future is never fixed or the records would have never changed from time to time.   in 2013, i became certified by linda howe as an advanced akashic records reader practitioner (that’s a mouthful, isn’t it. You can also learn to do an akashic records reading or get an akashic records reading to get clear about soul purpose – it’s fun. The only exception to this is that parents can access their children's akashic records as they are guardians of their souls in this lifetime, so you can request a reading on their behalf. We are the akashic records;  as is the sphinx. Sessions are recorded as an mp3 & emailed within 48 hours. Practice reading your classmates records. Fire, forms the original doctrine or overlay, for the ‘records of thoth. Two types of readings available:. Akashic records are considered as an energetic imprint of all the thoughts, emotions, actions, experiences and related consequences that has ever occurred in time and space of an individual. It is a record of every place and space you have ever been, and of all your future possibilities. I think that is so magical that the records are right there whenever we need guidance and help and healing. Akashic record readings are a profound healing tool and do not serve as entertainment. In an akashic records reading there also needs to be a conversation going on between the reader and the client. But i can not form a judgement before finishing to read. My intention in giving akashic records readings are to help people move towards joy via personal empowerment. How can the akashic records help connect me to my soul. ” i dove in with an open enthusiasm, as i have personally been aware of the akashic records for many years. Usually move you inside the page where you can experience an akashic. Sometimes, these soul contracts stop becoming beneficial to us and, therefore, the akashic records can be handy sources of information for anyone having issues with other people - whether that's with friends, work colleagues, or people with whom you are romantically involved. Or as the esoteric records, or as counted by astrology or. If you wait to record what you've learned it will likely drift away like a dream. If you are undergoing a spiritual awakening and want to know who you are on the soul level and what is defining about you, shelly can read your akashic record. What are the benefits of accessing the akashic records. Groups, organizations, businesses and animals also have an akashic record that contains sacred information about them. Most recently, when she went into my akashic records, her insight was incredibly helpful and relieving. As leading expert in the field of akashic studies, specializing in the use of the akasha for personal empowerment and transformation, i was the first person ever to make effective instruction available to the world community through my books, tapes and classes. Known as the akashic records, this energetic archive of soul information stands ready to lovingly guide you. Akashic record business reading (1 person business). In order to get it back we need books like "akashic records: case studies of past lives" written by the gifted lois wetzel. As a certified akashic consultant, i am here to help bring light to your issues and to be guided by your akashic helpers to clear away blocks from all lifetimes, especially those that continue to block you from accessing your joy, peace and hope for the future. How do i know that what you say in a reading is the truth.

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Finally, though i’ll give a very basic method here, you can learn so much more about how to improve your psychic abilities and access your akashic records by taking our psychic course. Akashic because it is composed of akasha, (the energetic substance from which all life is formed); and records, because its objective is to record all life experience.   if you’d like a reading from me, you can contact me at this link for an akashic records reading, or use the contact form on this website. Your personal akashic records holds information about your past lives, present life, and possible future lives.   the record keepers are always gentle with any information given. What are the akashic records. The wisdom and knowledge encoded in akashic records is sacred. Akashic records readings are extremely fluid in nature so be open to what is coming through. She will send you an audio recording of the reading in an email. During the call you and i will discuss any questions you might have from your reading, outside your records.   well, to me as a computer man, this means only one thing: that somewhere in the universe is this gigantic database — many, many magnitudes greater than all that google can or will ever be — in which all things are recorded. Sorry what i meant was kind of instructions to follow in order to access the akashic records through the pathway prayer. Records is that we already possess the answers to all of the questions. You may even have accessed your records before but weren’t conscious of it. – i open my own akashic records often to build the relationship with my own masters, teachers and loved ones. The akashic records are our shared resource throughout the history of this universe. Have you told your story in your akashic records without needing to have the answer first. Create a list of 5-10 questions you’d like to ask your record keepers. Mona's reading helped my consciousness expand. Akashic records—the book of life. I feel that an individually channeled personal message from the akashic records pulls everything together and adds more depth to the reading. The most exciting part of akashic records reading is that you can ask any questions from the mundane to the deeper and more spiritual in nature. How can i learn to do akashic record readings too. How prepared the both of you are – you will know how spiritually and mentally evolved your soulmate is through an akashic record reading. The keepers of your akashic records are ready and waiting for you to ask about what could bring you closer to the experience of life you desire. Ancient aliens and its pundits are simply wrong about every aspect of the allege akashic records. Active in healing arts for more than 20 years, linda was moved and inspired by the power of the records within herself and her clients. “i believe that the akashic records are one of the most valuable gifts that you can give yourself on your life path and the grace that you receive by having a reading can benefit, not only yourself but can help many others. Bring something to record any information you receive. The akashic records are metaphorically described as a library but also likened to a universal computer or the 'mind of god'. An akashic records reading – also known as a soul reading – allows you to create a deeper relationship between yourself and the divine, and get a detailed look into what’s standing in the way of what you truly desire. In their essence, working with the akashic records will supply you with:. I asked hajira how she knew what was in the records and she explained that she connects to the energy field at the spiritual level of the individual’s akashic record. Go to ask the akasha now to request an akashic consultation through this channel. Some clients come because they have started to hear about the akashic records and want to know more. ” the akashic records are also known as, the cosmic mind, the universal mind, the collective unconscious, the collective subconscious and the soul records. Thousands of years ago these records were recorded on tree bark.  the main purpose of reading the records is to provide valuable information to assist in having a better life. How to access your akashic records: the perfect prayer. Where are the akashic records located. An akashic reading is truly a very personal and positive experience. 51 thoughts on “your akashic journey”. Get the clarity you need with an akashic record reading today. To learn to access their own records. Will live is recorded in "libraries" in the inner worlds. Once accessible only to rare spiritual masters, now the records are available to anyone—anytime, anywhere. During the course of a reading and healing, a practitioner accesses the hall of records where all soul records are stored. Upon which these energy bands are able to record information, also providing. Cayce repeatedly emphasized that even though the memories in the akashic records might explain a person's desires and the experiences he chooses to draw to himself, humans always have the freedom of choice to react in a positive way. What to expect from an akashic records reading. What comes forward in a reading is offered in support of you. Your guides may take the reading in a direction we cannot foresee. The most common names for it are “the book of life”, “the hall of records” and “the akashic records”. However, i will start a collaborative meta-research (research on research) project titled “akashic physics roadmap” to scan scientific articles and books and find, review, cross-reference, and discuss the most interesting and promising ideas. Think of the energy as light that is shining upon your personal akashic records and clearing away any ‘heavy’ energy or thoughts, feelings and emotions which cloud your clarity. Benefits of an akashic record / career reading. Have you discovered your akashic field. In my akashic records reading with marijo puleo, i found myself held in a space with real love and insight straight into my heart. These are not akashic record readings and connect directly with spirit for messages and guidance. Past life regression vs an akashic records reading. We will also learn about creating a business with details about marketing your business as a certified akashic consultant.

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At some point in the evolution of the akashic reader, however, a state of unification and awareness can be achieved whereby even the future responses are known with absolute clarity instead of only as a probability. By aligning with the energy of our soul's records we gain insight, guidance and wisdom to overcome issues and challenges which enables us to live our life fully and abundantly. Please go to the link and paste it into the comments for this scan so those who are not site members can read it to help them in their choices. The records hold us steady as we grow into unshakeable awareness of our oneness with the divine, and the essential goodness of our soul and everyone else’s. I do not do readings that focus on guidance or healing about love or romantic relationships. What are the akashic records. It is a universal filing system that records all thoughts, words and actions. Personal sessions consist of akashic records readings, theta belief & energy healing, psychic mediumship, hypnosis or combination of services. Records are interactive in that they have a. Shelly’s reading really cuts through the noise and delivers the straight scoop in an easy-to-understand way. Akashic records readings, akasha what is it. In short, an akashic reading is an energetic reading of the soul’s journey throughout many lifetimes. Akashic records: case studies and. I firmly believe that if i could learn to access the records and even eventually become a professional akashic facilitator and teacher, then you too can learn to explore your records. Dependant upon the entire field of the greater akashic. The akashic records is the record of our soul and as such it is our birthright to access our own akashic records. To learn more, read cheryl’s short story, what are the akashic records. The author outlines what the akashic records are all about and how they can be used for oneself as well for others. ” if information in it is organized and clear, it is because the experience it records was clear, or was later clarified; the information doesn’t necessarily naturally occur that way. Reading the akashic records for a home for sale, or another’s home, with their permission*. What will happen after my reading. Learning and experiencing the akashic records for myself was mind-blowing. Through her akashic reading, she could feel the power and purity of the experience. I am also authorized to teach others to be able to read their own records. How to put your psychic powers, the akashic records, and all the answers you seek right in the palm of your hand. The first thing that you need to know in attempting to access the akashic records is to learn how to enter an exceptionally deep and meditative state of mind. Some indicate, that the akashic records are similar to a cosmic or collective consciousness as its role is to provide truth, information and support. The only problem is – how can we read the akashic records ourselves. When working through the grief of releasing a loved an, an akashic records reading can help us gain perspective when we are ready to move forward. The akashic records contain the energetic prints about the origination and journey of every soul through its lifetimes. The akashic records hold the recording of your soul’s journey—past, present, and probable futures. In an akashic records reading a sacred realm or language of light contained in vibration, entered through a sacred akashic record prayer and attuned to the energy of the recipient of the reading. Active in healing arts for more than 20 years, linda was moved and inspired by the power of the records within herself and her clients. This reading and report can take between 1 – 2 weeks. “i want to express my thanks for an inspirational  “open my eyes” reading of my akashic records. I energetically ‘clear’ your akashic records of negative influences created by your choices, both in past and present lifetimes. In the sanskrit, “akash” means the substance everything is made of. -- who uses the akashic records, and why. Reports of what it is like to access another person’s records that were a part of your life leads us to realize how we are all connected and how our soul contracts intertwine. Intuitive readings are wonderful, but in my personal opinion, they only scratch the surface when compared to the depth of the akashic records. All that the records bring forth is for healing and your own personal illumination. The lodestar akashic records class for those who wish to work in their own record and help others to find their path to a joyful life is available on the classes page of this website. Imagine where your energy will be, when you add the teachers, angels and guides from the akashic records to your group of “5” 😉 ). Below is a geographic list of teachers recognized by the akashic network. Or called akashic records (that is, of a mental or soul. Our akashic records also contain information about all our possible futures, a vast and changing field of information that is constantly shifting and changing based on our choices in the present moment. “my reading with mercedes was filled with love and light. I’m offering this reading via email report only . The akashic plane interpenetrates the other six planes through their “local”. Your akashic records are your story, your “book of life”, and contain every thought, feeling, emotion, choice, action your soul has ever experienced – not only in this lifetime but in the many other lifetimes you’ve incarnated. This is why accessing the akashic records accurately is tricky unless you have proper training and a comprehensive way of processing the information into a format that the conscious mind can work with. At that point, she focuses her attention on the individual seeking the reading. Shortly after she mentioned the akashic records, i began having dreams of my mother (who had crossed into the spirit world in february 2007) traveling with me through tunnels, down long corridors, through watery channels and long stretches of open highway. Contact me for a reading. Do you do past life readings. This was my first time experiencing anything like the akashic records and i can tell you how happy i am that marijo was the one i got to experience this with. During our reading a few months ago, you read my akashic records, and you told me about this man i was going to meet. How to access your akashic records: the perfect prayer. Science and the akashic field: an integral theory of everything,” and then several related books. An akashic records reading assists you receive clarity, discover your soul’s purpose, skills, abilities, and insight about your life.   the souls of groups, events, organizations, and locations also have a unique akashic record.

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Bringing balance to the auric field of our bodies on all levels to prepare us for the start of the akashic journey. What is really happening when you do this truth-telling in the space of your akashic records is that you begin to heal. Brass sign on it that says "akashic records". In cayce’s conception, the akashic records contain “all information for every individual who has ever lived upon the earth. Recordings are in mp3 format and will be sent to you via email or cd. I took laura’s akashic records light certification class and was amazed by the experience. How is this reading different from an angel reading. The records hold information from all of your past, present and even future lives (see video), and are there to access at any time. It brings you so much more than just a way to enter your records. So in this article, i am going to give some tips and principles that can help you to read and access this valuable source of information. , medical, law), there are said to exist various akashic records (e. Why have an akashic records reading. Calista is currently the only certified journey to the heart akashic records consultant in hong kong and an akashic records teacher-in-training under journey to the heart. Well, essentially, you must understand that these records are not literal books in some metaphysical library somewhere on the astral. An akashic records reading consists of opening the records of the soul and asking that the information be given. Though the lords of the records and the akashic masters are nonphysical beings, some of the teachers and all of the loved ones have existed as humans on earth. “prior to having an akashic reading from marijo puleo in the last few years i had received 5 previous readings from a different source. The reading begins with a sacred prayer that allows me to access your personal akashic records. Readings are accomplished by the reader relaxing and moving into a meditative-type state (the subconscious mind). The easiest way to access the "akashic. You will receive a comprehensive description of your ‘soul record’ information. During the reading i may also be guided to incorporate reiki, energetic healing, shamanic vision and journey, plant spirit medicine, or gemstone therapy with the healing energies available from the records. Once i learned to open my own records, i found it similar to another experience i was familiar with. Although similar to accessing and working in your personal records, working with a client adds their energy to the process and you will learn to avoid mixing your energies eliminating the concern that you are simply sharing your own thoughts rather than what the record’s wisdom. In the world of new age, there is a commonly known place called the akashic records, but even though many have heard of it, not all know just what the akashic records are. You access it when your soul ends out a unique “signature” frequency that will feel like you, and the data from this is always being transmitted to and collected in your personal file in the akashic records. Each person is held to account after life and ‘confronted’ with their personal akashic record of what they have or not done in life in a karmic sense. For now, i’m just practicing meditating in the records every few days. During the session, you must hold the phone in your hand or use a headset if you want the recording to be clear. Julie’s red car sported a bumpersticker that read bipolarhappens. Linda howe's process for reading the akashic records is empowering, inspiring and evolutionary. If you found this blog post on the internet, you may be interested in learning how to read your own akashic records. She is experienced and combines modalities including hypnotherapy, family constellations, akashic readings, yoga, energy and vibrational healing. I have been reading a book called "how to read the akashic records: accessing the archive of the soul and its journey" by linda howe. In an akashic records reading, i channel information from your records in response to questions you ask. If you are interested in learning how to access your own akashic records please ask me for more information. Q: can you read my future for me. Built on the platform of hypnotic influence, this empowering eight module learning system will reveal: the four akashic disciplines here ill show you the four spiritual and empowering disciplines that will enable you to reach the state of consciousness needed to access the akashic records effectively. The purpose of the reading is to expand your knowledge about yourself as a spiritual being, and also the healing of past memories. What i’m trying to say is: everything in this reading ether pointed me in a slightly different direction than i was anticipating, or provided me with new information that shed light on experiences that i did not know how to classify or understand. Akashic record training, workshops, readings, consultations – more details. The term "akashic records" was first used by theosophists in the 1800s. Diantha has trained for three years with linda howe, the lead teacher in the usa for akashic records reading. Healing past lives through the akashic records – find out how you can heal pesky issues that my not have originated within this lifetime. She often seeks the help of an akashic records consultant, alison king, to flesh out the thoughts of her characters and to view “original events” where the written historical records are absent or sparse.   working and healing in your akashic records is the deepest level of soul-level healing available to you. Much like a geneticist reads the coding sequences found in dna strands, an akashic healer decodes the information contained inside a person’s record. Most members already got their reading, so why not a new one. Each person is special and unique, and my life becomes richer with each reading that i do. If you’re simply interested in reading your own akashic records for the time being and feel stuck or unsure…then you may also find this short coaching course useful. He indicated that during these sessions, his consciousness visited a place where he received access to stored akashic records. The person doing the reading is called the reader or witness. Or centuries, the akashic record has been the exclusive domain of mystics, scholars and saints. Deep meditation can help you access the akashic records. ” rudolph steiner, a theosophist who later broke away to found anthroposophy as a “reformed” theosophy, used the akashic records to “investigate” the true history of atlantis and lemuria, which he reported in. Known as the book of life in the fields of metaphysics, spirituality and religion, the akashic records hold the history of the entire universe and every soul that ever lived. If you’d like to have your akashic records opened by either paul or holly, click on this link…and be sure to let them know i sent you. Everybody has the inherent ability to access their akashic records. The akashic records are a library in the fifth dimension that holds the thoughts, emotions, experiences of everything on the planet from the beginning of time.

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A very simple way of understanding the akashic records is to see it for what it truly is; you. Step 1 -> the intention – summon mother-father god, angels and archangels, the keepers of the akashic records and all other beings of pure light, to help us create this space. If you answered yes, then please accept my offer to gain a deep understanding of who you are at soul level with a deeply healing and powerful soul gifts akashic reading. Hold the intention of visiting the akashic records firmly in mind. Often they will read the soul records and give your channel (or you if. Akashic record readings is working with past and current life issues, clearing vows, agreements, etc and helping release belief patterns. She contacted me the day after i first opened my records and asked if they had anything to do with numbers. And your intention is pure, your request to access the akashic records. Akashic records reading can be done by phone, skype, face time (iphone) or in person at the nyc cayce center, or other convenient nyc location. Laura and another practitioner demonstrated how to conduct readings so we would know what to expect. When the session is finished, i close your records and am no longer connected to them. Come join me on sunday, february 18th and learn about the akashic records, how you carry your own energetic copy, and learn how to access your soul's records through direct hands-on exercises and readings. Mass consciousness, group consciousness and cosmic consciousness are all aspects of the akashic records. You could view your records or you could see your life through another person’s eyes. Maureen’s akashic records level 1 workshop helps you raise your self-awareness to a better understanding of you, your optimal choices and the world around you. Yourself as being in the real akashic records. Your clearing work, and making an action plan to support you in creating positive change relative to what we’ve discovered in the record. It is the recording of your soul’s journey, past, present and future. There are various types of negativity that can arise in a soul's record, such as negative thought forms held in your aura, entity attachments, programs, physical and etheric implants, soul contracts, curses, vows, negative spirit guides, hooks, cords, portalways or golden web tears. Each question is addressed comprehensively in the reading. Closer to our current era, a great deal of contemporary information on the akashic records has been made available by both reputable psychics and modern-day mystics – individuals who havesomehow perceived beyond the limits of three dimensions. He edgar cayce readings suggest that each of us writes the story of our lives through our thoughts, our deeds and our interactions with the rest of creation. The main thing to understand about the akashic readings is that they . Questions for the akashic records should be structured to reflect:. “the akashic record experience has been so transformative and amazing.   is it a hall of records, god’s book of divine memory, where all our thoughts words and deeds are carefully noted and written down  for later reference.   first, she does a meditation where she goes into the hall of records (akashic records) for the person. In a trance state, cayce would tap into the akashic records and give readings to people who had health or life issues (see resources for more information). Records, it doesn't seem to be possible. What is it that we can examine in a reading. The session fee is for the session itself, not for the recording.   which type of psychic reading should i have. Explore the akashic records to find some of the answers you seek. To find out more about shelly’s readings, please visit this page.  now with "how to read the akashic records" you can learn to connect with this divine source for infinite joy, inner peace, and fulfilment. What is the akashic records. "i heard the call to work with the records having no idea of what they were all about - it has transformed my life from beginning to end. What you can learn about yourself from akashic records. Michelle offers a variety of akashic guidance readings that covers all aspects. Then, to read the person’s ‘file’ or soul record, you need to understand which information to look for, and you need a system of retrieving it. When i open your records, you and i become ensconced and bathed in light. The core of the akashic records is the akashic plane, the neutral plane. After reading the introduction to the hidden power of your past lives by sandra anne taylor, i wanted to learn more so i read on. What intention do you hold when you do an akashic record reading for someone. Access your personal akashic record wisdom. We read the akashic records from the now time line. Before going into a reading, spend time creating a list of detailed questions to ask. D ownload complete guide of read akashic records for advanced/beginner ebook and pdf best price. I can read your akashic records, from a distance, knowing only your name. The instinctive center, and the akashic records in general, store memories in whatever way they were experienced and understood, irrespective of any “ultimate truth. Then this in-depth online akashic training is definitely for you. An explanation for this phenomena is that the akashic records are the macrocosm of the individual subconscious mind. These records also tell you your life purpose, why you were born, what lessons you are supposed to learn here, and any special talents or skills you possess. This sacred prayer removes the two most common blocks for entry into the records, your ego and fear, as it shifts your consciousness to a divine level.  while it is true that the akashic records of every soul exist everywhere all at once and are entirely accessible, it would not be useful to have total access to a soul’s records during a single akashic reading. What are the benefits of accessing the akashic records now. Before we meet i spend time accessing the akashic records.

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Please read – readings information regarding the reading process. By working directly with the universal source energy of your akashic record, you may uncover your fears and blocks, find balance and healing, and explore your own highest life path. The akashic records contain the entire history of every soul. These akashic records are an energetic database in which every thought, word and action is stored. It is a very exciting time to be able to provide readings as mankind is waking up to the calling of the soul, and is in search of a more meaningful and productive living. She is known as the ‘heart teacher’ as her work in the akashic records is well-rooted-in the heart -often causing spontaneous healing. Then this online akashic training, which i would have loved decades ago, makes exploring the records available to even more people. Why get an akashic records reading. What happens in the akashic records stays in the akashic records. -- how do people access the akashic records. Intended while consciously in the records, but the questions that get. Much of the actual reading information goes along with traditional tarot … using a personal code for readings, asking permission from the seeker's higher self to do the reading, setting up a reading area, working with crystals, meditating … all of this is basic to doing a good reading. The akashic records for many spiritual enlightened beings are the hidden library in space.   it is only from universal mind, which is supreme intelligence, called by oriental scholars the akashic records, and by hebrew masters the book of god’s remembrance, that knowledge of any kind can be obtained. You can ask any question while you're in the records. By lifting you to a divine level of consciousness, this sacred prayer opens the doors of the records, where your “soul blueprint”—everything you need to know about your soul's destiny—awaits you. There are numerous ways to access the records, just as there are many ways to get from one city or country to the other.  therefore, in order for the records to be accessible to us, they are organized by current legal names. Scientific evidence for existence of the akashic records.   i came away from the akashic record reading with such a feeling of awe, peace, resolution and love. Most akashic record readings are done by phone or skype, since maureen has an international clientele. According to max heindel’s rosicrucian writings, the memory of nature (akashic records) may be read in three different worlds (planes). The akashic records can influence our current life. By understanding how these records help you reach your highest level of happiness, you will feel as though you have been freed from the restraints caused by doubt and indecision.   during this reading i call upon your soul's wisdom and infinite compassion to give you answers to life questions. The information you’ll find in your records contains your life purpose, personal blocks, relationship issues, past lives, finances, career decisions, residential decisions, personal matters and basically anything you want to know about yourself. An example of one who many claimed successfully read the akashic records. Reading the akashic records (beginners class).  a reading allows you to access the akashic records and ask questions about your life, past, present and future. Much like a geneticist reads the coding sequences found in dna strands, an akashic reader decodes the information contained inside a person’s record. Here is the kinds of feedback i get from clients, after this reading:. Residents of geneva and the surrounding areas of upstate new york’s finger lakes region now have a competent,reliable and loving source for this spiritual, energetic reading. We are absolutely permitted to access our own akashic record at any time ­ in fact, we frequently do so unconsciously. I have done this several times, and it's been by reading my own akashic records that i have been able to navigate myself through life's twists and turns with fewer bumps and bruises. The intuitive reading program can teach you how to give other kinds of readings, as well. The first time i journeyed to the akashic records i was following a guided script read by another person.

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If you would like to first get a feel for how this process works, you could consider asking someone else to consult your records for you on a matter of concern to you. To further understand how the akashic records play a role in your life, and to learn how you can access this important information, join me at my free webinar. Description : this publication explains that the akashic records are the human way of understanding that every thought that has ever been thought, exists. What if i already give psychic readings. Your akashic record is the vibrational record of your soul. Book - an akashic record - of the person for whom he is performing the. I am sure akashic physics will explain more and more “paranormal” (hate that word) phenomena scientifically. The loving energy of the akashic records are a powerful tool for self-exploration and empowerment. “for over 20 years, the akashic records has been forefront in my life and work. , yogic, pranayama, meditation, prayer, visualization) can be employed to quiet the mind, become a “witness”, and achieve the focused, preconscious state necessary to access the records. Learning to read your own and others akashic records is a life changing tool that brings transformation, empowerment, and a deeper understanding of who we truly are. Only an experienced psychic medium can help you access your akashic records through either channeling or astral traveling. Readings are done in person, or over zoom.  every individual soul has its own, unique akashic record. I am so surprised at the accuracy of the answers to my questions using the akashic tarot. Enjoy the free resources on this site, including my revolutionary pathway prayer process to access the heart of the records©, a chapter of my book. Once, when a young woman of about 20 years of age came to me for a reading, i told her an exact phrase she had thought that she had never told anyone about.  yes, readings can be done either in person or over the phone. Why access the akashic records. Enjoy plenty of practice time and practice exercises to develop, strengthen and enhance your confidence with your newly remembered gifts, talents and abilities with the akashic records. If someone has been trained to read your soul records using a different method, they could see things a little differently but the overall message of the reading should be the same. Reading the akashic records will be useful for you to become enlightened. Wetzel is able to read a person's past lives by simply putting her hands on the back of a person's head, and amazingly detailed images and stories emerge of past lives that are influencing her client's present lives. Schedule an akashic records reading in my chicago far north office, or request an akashic reading by phone. At the beginning of the reading, max and i worked together to formulate specific questions which max subsequently posed when my records were open. For example, if i go into the akashic record and tell my guides i want to read for charles smith, they may be unclear on who i mean. What is it that so many people are talking about in the metaphysical consciousness and spiritual circles when it comes to the akashic records. Refers to the planetary ‘recorder cell,’ where thought, feeling and. And yet, this vast complex of computer systems and collective databases cannot begin to come close to the power, the memory, or the omniscient recording capacity of the akashic records. The akashic records are referred to by edgar cayce, who stated that each person is held to account after life and 'confronted' with their personal akashic record of what they have or have not done in life in a karmic sense. My wish for you is that you walk away from our reading together with more clarity and insight that will help you to move forward in your life in positive ways and to create the life that you truly want. If you do not receive a “yes” either you are not hearing the answer in which case you may ask that the record keepers to amplify the transmission to you or, you may have received a “no” if you received a “no”. While in your records i will ask if any residual energy can be cleared away that no longer serves you. I recently had an akashic reading with mona wind that was absolutely wonderful. As the practitioner describes what they are receiving from the records, the process flows.  awww, i've read your reading more times than i can count, super blessed. The akashic records provide us with an opportunity to tune in to find profound wisdom, guidance, and clarity. All hajira needed was my date of birth, my name, permission to access my records (it’s not possible and definitely not recommended to delve into anyone’s records without their permission) and i was to see her in a week’s time. The energy that contains the information in the akashic records is known as the  akasha,  a sanskit word meaning,. Once inside the hall, the divine spirit guides the practitioner to the person’s record. I have pages and pages of handwritten journals full of recorded sessions of my time spent in the akashic records. During this workshop you will learn a ceremony that enables you to enter your own records and the records of others. Here is another way to go into a trance state specific for accessing the akashic records.   i wasn't sure what to expect but went in with questions that i had after reading the information provided prior to the call. Comes to my conscious awareness via my recorder cell. Edgar cayce, the famous clairavoyent, was said to have been able to access the akashic records. "i had no idea what reading the akashic records were until i was going. Soul contracts, soul missions, and related aspects of the soul’s desires can be explored in the records, and we begin to understand the deeper spiritual reasons for the people and situations in our lives. Originally certified by akashic records consultants international (arci), to open and reveal another’s records when requested, she is now affiliated with akashic records international (ari). And if you’re starting out it just takes practice to do intuitive readings. This book is a simple how-to journey to allow those on their spiritual quest to read their own records and connect with the other dimensions of the universe. Of such an akashic record or cosmic impression, or such. Generally an akashic record session lasts between 60-90 mins. Akashic records are therefore thought to be a collection of human experiences and even the entire history of the universe. We can learn to access the akashic records more specifically through learning techniques for opening the akashic records. I finished the reading, which ended with jenny and the baby she carried being killed, and bruce being captured and imprisoned for breaking "slave relations protocols. The issue of the existence of a formal “library” of akashic records has proven highly controversial, however.